Yes but No

Posted on September 21, 2017


The question is has things improved since the 1967 riot?

The answer is: NO, regretible.

Well, so often we blame others for what they do to us or fail to do for us! While we fail to hold ourselves responsible for the reality we allow and empower.

I believe that we realize the power we poses over ourselves and the damage we inflict on ourselves wheather intentionally or not when we fail to be responsible for our owned reality.

We were slaves then. Too many of us are slaves today, but who is our task- master now?

The majority of the crime I see is comitted by us, to us. Again I ask; “who is our task master now?

Most of the old masters have moved away from us and too many of us have followed, to get away from us?!

I, we, really want to be free, but what do we want that freedom to look like? Don’t answer;


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